E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS

Tea Stall in Tamilnadu


Red whiskered bulbul bireds sitting on electrical wires.

Red whiskered bulbul birds sitting on electric wires.

This street photograph was clicked near Srirangam Temple, Tamilnadu.

This street photograph was clicked near Srirangam Temple.

Mumbai lives on street food and where street food is concerned, the Pav Bhaji on chowpatty is something you can't miss. In this picture is a Pav Bhaji maker. Faceless, nameless he probably has fed more hungry people than the biggest chefs. In the heat his hand kept moving up and down, heating the bhaji, mashing the veggies and toasting buttered Pav laced with some of the spicy almost pungent but delectable curry.


A group of fisher men fishing at river.

The picture captures the Serene Sea while the sun is setting


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