FE 28mm F2 + Fisheye Converter

A long single exposure 5432 sec, the light of the room was switched on only for 1 sec appx.

A moment before immersion, all happy ending with the blessing by sprinkled water from the pot as seen in the foreground.

Kali puja, on 2017 the evening was drizzling but still the crackers were there to celebrate.

This is a typical Kolkata's culture, on the last day of the celebration lady of the community greet each other with the touch of SINDUR. Commonly known as "sindur khela"

A scene from the party at Rishop.

The tea plantation garden at Dooars as I was crossing I saw this lady pruning the tea shrubs.

The finished job is a split tone. I tried to express the life after as I wish to see.

The environment of love & faith.

At the dried river bed at Jayanti hills, West Bengal.

My house stair case, kept the oil lamps at a side of every steps.


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