FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS

While summer holidays these school students near a village in Dehradun selling fresh cucumber. While holidays they are doing a real Home work. and earning money too, also learning how to earn lively for them and for family.

Outskirts of Dehradun valley is still a beautiful place.

see the Colors of Himalayas,its looking stunning and shot nearly taken at 7.30 pm

A stunning of view Nubra two hump Camel Safari

Shot after Full Moon

An abstract created during a Kuchipudi dance performance by SPIC-MACAY at IGNFA, Dehradun

Indian Classical Dance Kuchipudi is from Andhra Pradesh. Smt Vyjayanthi and Prateeksha Kashi posing at Dehradun.

While shooting this utilise the facility of tilt screen on camera. Really very useful.

Theatra photography involves providing images that are concise and maintain the integrity of the light and the vision of the director. Few times i got a chance to shoot local theatre groups in Dehradun and Delhi to provide promotional images as well as archive images of their productions. Archive images can be used by production and the actors, set designers and costume designers to represent their work.

As the monsoor arrived in north part of India, its good to shoot life in Monsoon


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