Childhood on the historic picnic

Childhood from culture in malwa

freedom of Happiness

Happiness is childhood

Children in the water

These 2 innocent kids were playing at the bank of the sea with wet sand and trying to make beautiful shapes from the toys the have, by seeing them I remembered my childhood and captured this memory into my camera and saved it forever.

No school tomorrow so can we go on a long drive please. This is a usual request we get from our children. One of these drives I clicked it and although the shutter speed is less but the faces were really sharp. Nice pose too

When u go to a hill station during summer season u see the whole world is waiting for you. This has become a usual sight in the popular destinations

When a barking deer appeared near her she was so excited to know that she could actually talk to animals. Apart from beaches we go to parks and zoos so that we could know more about our surroundings

Water baby, I really liked this picture as it shows how my daughter likes to play with waves


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