Kids watching their team perform on stage.

During a wedding photography assignment, I got a chance capture this beautiful sunset and dramatic color of sky at Kamdara,Gumla District, Jharkhand ,India

During a travel trip, I Capture this beautiful image of Saranda region in 'kiriburu', Jharkhand,India.
Saranda is a dense forest in the hilly region of West Singhbhum district of JHarkahnd, state, INDIA.

When we travel we always come across bridges, we feel a bit insecure or a bit afraid. This is genuine because we are transitioning from one place to another

Complete reflection from travel

For some travelling is like Meditation and soul searching. The more you look into this the more you will get rich

This weird foreground was kept just to lure tourists to click a memorable pic for 50 Rs. you get to see these awesome things and experience when you travel

When we travel alone it is the best

Travel makes you reflect on what you actually need in you life


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