Birthday party

Watched this devotee walked more than a mile to visit the temple over the Aravali hills. This is a Shiva temple built by Pandavas during the time of Mahabharata almost 2500-3000 years old.

One more from Malshej Ghat, this one is shot in 6 am in the morning, using SONY A7M2 + 85mm 1.4

Shot on SONY A7M2 + SONY 85mm 1.4

I was in Kheerganga and saw this beautiful morning light coming through the trees. I took few photos but the frame felt incomplete hence I kept my camera on tripod and took this self portrait.

Clicked from Sony A7RM2 with 50 MM 1.4 Lens

Clicked from Sony A7RM2 with Sony GM 24-70 2.8 Lens

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shot on ILCE-7M2 & ROKINON 35MM 1.5

visited Daman fort last weekend, roaming around in the fort, spotted the sun rays passing through the huge window, and asked my friend to pose ..

shot by ILCE-7M2 & ROKINON 35MM 1.5

Taken at Masai Mara


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