The wording written in Bengali language, stating the season. Captured during a get to gether at Rabindra Bharoti, Bonhooghly, West Bengal, on the occasion of Colours (Holi).

Covered with coloured powders of holi.

Streets of interior to big township we come across these scenes.

A sequence in the dance drama.

In Konark Dance Festival 2016, this was a moment.

The boy is enjoying the childhood activities for which he has a lot of energy to make it happen.

A lady farmer on the way to her paddy field with a big wheeler.

A portrait view of a rural mood. Two people are in process of their daily bath.

I were at the bank of river Hooghly, Kolkata. No one dared to venture outside but this lady was fishing. i later asked her and learned a species of prawn can be traced during this heavy shower.

Location Arunachal Pradesh. The Eastern part of India gets elongated rainy season. The mood of the tourist depends on the weather condition.


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