The main commercial road was gorgeous after the thundershowers

The paddy fields being readied

Chai Stall at on of the Kolkata Streets

Despite arriving in the early hours of the morning, we found the ghat overflowing with worshippers. I took this photo of the flowers in a devotee’s hand as the crowd milled around me- all eager to have their prayers answered.
Location: Babughat

This particular display at New Market really caught my eye. Even in the searing heat of the Kolkata summer these fruits seemed so enticing. It was as if they were begging to be eaten to quench our thirst.
Location: New Market 

I’ve always marveled at how priests exude an aura of calmness despite all the chaos that goes on around them. This one however seemed a little disturbed by my presence, so I stuck to a single click.
Location: Babughat

As the athletes were ready to run, I was ready to click them. They ran, there was no chance I could catch them!


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