At Henry's Island, the sea shore had this rythem of nature.

She was waiting at Frejaganj fishing harbour to see her son to return with a catch.

The tea plantation garden at Dooars as I was crossing I saw this lady pruning the tea shrubs.

The finished job is a split tone. I tried to express the life after as I wish to see.

The environment of love & faith.

At the dried river bed at Jayanti hills, West Bengal.

On my travel to Pakhirala a village at Sundarban, South Bengal for some outdoor photo. I came across the moment "after the marriage the couple was moving to grooms house a journey to begin the New Life.

Tamed to be fit as made for each other.

At the end of the day this very scene touched me, automatically I pronounced as of the title "Made for Each Other"

A dance drama, depiction Radha & Krishna as 'made for each other"


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