Photo of pot making captured from small town of Kolhapur in low light

photo captured in Monastery from Spiti

Image captured Wat Suwan Kuha – Buddha Cave in Phang Ngain Phuket ,Thailand

City's Gate scape

Khambhalia gate- City gate of Jamnagar

The wold is so beautiful and we are destroying it for our selfishness, creating mega cities all around the world.

The jungle are vanishing at larger pace than anyone thought.

I knew this city from many years it had fully covered with jungle, now it converted into another jungle a concrete one!

We have seen this amazing culture of the village near Jalgoan during one wedding shoot, I tested this loved and loved the way it prepared truly DESI.

Aghoris are devotees of Shiva manifested as Bhairava,[5] and monists who seek moksha from the cycle of reincarnation or saṃsāra. This freedom is a realization of the self's identity with the absolute. Because of this monistic doctrine, the Aghoris maintain that all opposites are ultimately illusory. The purpose of embracing pollution and degradation through various customs is the realization of non-duality (advaita) through transcending social taboos, attaining what is essentially an altered state of consciousness and perceiving the illusory nature of all conventional categories.

first time he (Vaahn) went to vandalur zoo chennai ,spent his summer vacation with bunch of animals and birds. see how he excited and styled.



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