Heaven on the Earth...
Kerala Morning Mist

Hongkong airport view along with city in the background!

Food Shoot for Punjab Grill.(Lite Bite Foods)

Food Shoot for Asian Seven(Lite Bite Foods)

A group of tourists & visitors, stand by viewing the skyline of New York City, all the way from the top viewing point of the memorial One world trade centre building. What is ironical, is exactly how people would have stood across their windows of the twin tower on a busy work day, just as a plane would have most unexpectedly crashed in destroying lives & dreams of millions. This tower stands tall today exactly where the former twin towers & lives of many stood strong.

A little freshen up, never did much harm. After all, you buy what you like. & To like what you see, its got to have that shine.

This man was looking confused when i first saw him and what i took my camera out he started pretending confidence in him which gives us a message we're somehow living an illusionary life. We're good liars.

What inspired me to go for this photo is this person already carried a bag full of bricks on his back. and he stop went back and pick another brick in his left hand.

As we all are moving fast technology.
We never looked back what impact we left what we destroyed and how to reuse. Everything we did taking us to mars.

Here Pillas looks like someone powerful is watching us and making is doing things buy stuff. as clocks are the eyes. We are living everything illusionary in fear.


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