After a truckloads of activities its indian custom to have a discussion right from about politics to marriage of their daughters..

Picture surely speaks of the thousand words with the begger spreading his hand for money and person ignoring it living in his own bubble

Indian casinos be like


The Nagas are the core of Kumbh Mela as per year.From far distances the visit Sangam for a bath in the trio rivers i.e.,Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswati.

A walk of life till the end. We all have a childishness in oneself. Who sometime want to run, want to stand, want to walk, want to jump, want to come down, but ultimately we all suppress it and walking till the end called DEATH. This is all phase of life. Never kill that childishness in you and keep asking reason WHY.. it keeps you learning, alive and enjoy the moment called LIFE.

Architecture with human element shadow in BW.

Landscape in BW

My weekness garam samose. It become more craving when I know, I wont get it.


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