a working man takes a break under the tree.

Beside durgapur express way, west Bengal.

Primary school , Santinikatan - west Bengal

Market place, Haridwar.

At a locl festival the vendor pushes his cart through the crowd!

In a running car.

Open air picnic at krishnagar , Nadia west bengal.

In India festivals celebrated with variety of foods even from the small Candy Floss, the man was selling the sweet amidst the crowd of Rath Yatra in Srirangam

Cheapest, Corn, Mangoes, pineapples, ground nuts, pappaya etc at an picnic spot for the commen men!

In rhe city exhibion Fair, people rush for getting the Giant sized pappads whether it is hygenic or not. I t is a craze for every one!


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