A child playing alone along beach side with colorful clothes and his cute expression impressed me to click.

Clicked at aksa beach

Clicked at aksa beach

This was at a brunch I had been to, my next table was bursting with joy and happiness on the occasion of Birthday Celebration of the Baby. Chef himself singing songs was the highlights.

During 2019 summer holidays, my mother was teaching her grandchildrens how to savor mangoes, the little cute One and Quarter year old toddler was caught listening to her by me.

Together we make the best pair, Sisters are forever...

I want to go to school from this summer, learn, grow and mature...!!

i want to go to school like other kids this summer, who can help me..?

kids in action..

This photo is taken in a Hot Summer in a village of Canning Town, West Bengal. He was taking his bath & the expression of the child was so jolly and he was enjoying the bath.


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