The Amazing Reflection

The Amazing Reflection

From Pushkar Camel Fair with A7RM2 & SEL1635GM Lens

Story By Umesh Gogna

The Amazing Reflection

About Umesh Gogna

Umesh is a professionally renowned photographer based out of Jaipur and his work revolves around Jewellery, Handicraft, Advertising and Hospitality. He has conducted over 150 workshops to train young photographers including master classes and travel photo expeditions for professional photographers. Over the years he has spent a lot of time documenting the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of Rajasthan and the Himalayas. He is using Sony full frame cameras since last 4 years.

How to avoid shooting ‘just another’ Pushkar photo?

Let me start this story from the memory lanes, I remember shooting Pushkar for years and every-time I returned back after the shoot, I had a feeling that all shots look same.

Pushkar is one of those places where you can never shoot a bad picture, but only if you’re able to shoot a picture which has not been shot by others on the same day. Most of the pictures from Pushkar had the same story of camels and shepherds.


Now, coming to the Camera and Lens combination.

wanted to shoot something novel and this year I geared myself with Alpha 7RM2 and a 1635mm G Master lens (SEL1635GM). Shooting Pushkar has become a tough task these days as photographers outnumber the camels and each shot will have an unwanted element in it, usually a fellow photographer.


A sensational shot has to bypass the unwanted elements

Over years, I observed that as soon sun is about to set, most photographers pack up and leave the arena, and what is left is completely nomadic in its nature and less chaotic in character.

To shoot beyond the layers of pretence, distraction of unwanted elements and bring out the real street photography, I needed the right gear along with unique atmosphere thus I decided to shoot Pushkar after sunset I was certain that within the limited time frame between sunset and the complete dark.

I wanted to carry the lightest equipment to move between spots faster, which meant I’d to let go the tripod but, I was able to compensate the lack of tripod with Sony’s reliable 5-Axis stabilization for stable photography and thanks to the great ISO performance, low light was not a problem too.


Challenge the setting sun.

The setting sun was creating a nice silhouette of camels and shepherds, busy in quenching the desert thirst. The reflection of camels in the water pool and the glow of leftover sunlight in the background had an essence of nature and nomadic life.

To get everything from hues to tones, contrast to highlights; I shot hand held with 5 axis image stabilization. When I previewed the picture I could see the crisp reflection of camels in the pools and amazing colours of the sunset, the wide coverage of G master lens with efficient resolution made my shots of Pushkar stand apart from what most of us commonly see.


Why I love using the G Master Lens?

My 1635mm (SEL1635GM) is light in weight (approx. 680g only), gives amazing resolution, comes with 11 blades aperture, hence it helps me utilize my cameras most efficiently. Even shooting on high aperture and ISO the quality of picture was amazing and I got my final photo-essay of Pushkar and its chaos. It indeed is the best one can invest in

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