Spirit of Sports



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Undoubtably very creative composition through the stumps, distribution of elements throughout the frame are perfectly balanced with clouds filling the background and action packed Cricket

Spirit of Sports

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When it comes to sports in India, no other game than cricket can claim its position of respect and popularity. Yet, no matter which sport you pick up, the love of any sport, has no religion, no boundaries, no race, no colour, or no cast. The spirit of sports is what simply keeps us all excited.

Right from gully cricket to the stadium roars, from football fields to badminton courts, you would definitely spot a bunch of boys busy trying out their favourite player’s signature move, or engrossed in match conversations. Second to sharing the spirit of sports comes overwhelming support and fandom for sportsmen.

Capture the adrenaline rushing sports moments this month! Indulge in two of the most favourite fields of interest – sports and photography – for the Sony Alpha May 2019 Photo Contest ‒ Spirit of Sports – and stand a chance to win* a Sony product worth up to ₹50,000!

*Please note:

  1. Images with watermark and borders will be disqualified
  2. Images should reflect on the monthly theme
  3. Entries will be judged by Alpha expert, Dheeraj Paul
  4. Winners will receive an email by Sony India
  5. Prize deliveries will be arranged locally
  6. All Terms & Conditions apply
  7. Participate to win a Sony product

worth up to ₹50,000!