Wallpaper Worthy



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Beautifully captured Night Landscape along with Milky Way with perfect control of light & color balance. Tree and camping tent in the foreground giving attention to the frame.

Wallpaper Worthy

Closed Theme

Express your fresh, creative, and original ideas through photo compositions that are wallpaper worthy, that bring out your craftiness. The canvas is yours to paint the wallpaper that you think speaks for your craftsmanship. It could be minimalistic; an essay in idleness; an abstract representation; an expansive wanderlust-evoking landscape; nostalgic and vintage; hilarious; inspiring, or a photo-artwork that’s serious, playful, and a radical representation of today’s world.

The best photocomposition that fits a brilliant resolution, and has an appealing theme, wins you the Sony Alpha April 2019 Photo Contest ‒ Wallpaper Worthy ‒ and a chance to win* a Sony product worth up to ₹50,000!

*Please note:

  1. Images with watermark and borders will be disqualified
  2. Images should reflect on the monthly theme
  3. Entries will be judged by Alpha expert, Dheeraj Paul
  4. Winners will receive an email by Sony India
  5. Prize deliveries will be arranged locally
  6. All Terms & Conditions apply

worth up to ₹50,000!