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    Photograph by: Chandrakant Kamath
    Image Title: Maharaja
    Settings: SLT-A77V & SAL1650

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  • Image name - Picturesque view of Dal Lake, Image description - I have shot Dal lake from various angles and this is my new favorite. This time around I was carrying Sony A99 and caught this picturesque view of Dal Lake with the Hari parbat in the background, across Nishat garden where purple flowers were blooming. Well, The result of A99 is beyond what i expected. Another feature i really enjoyed was the tilting LCD, as this was a low angle shot., Camera used - 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM, Lens used - SLT-A99V 1

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  • Image name - Reflection, Image description - It is quite amazing that now you can equally make stunning images with a easy to carry little camera like NEX6 which has an interchangeable lens capability. 16mm lens attached made this wide landscape possible with just handheld., Camera used - SEL16F28, Lens used - NEX-6 1

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  • Image name - Bakarwal Woman, Image description - One of the tricks of getting a compelling portrait, with a lot of emphasis on the subject is to use a wide aperture lens. You deliberately blur the background so that the subject stands out. , Camera used - 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM, Lens used - SLT-A99V 1

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  • Image name - Life Force, Image description - There are so many little being in this world which humans consider as being in-significant in this evolution. Sri Aurobindo says

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  • Image name - Sloth Bear, Image description - India known for her rich culture and traditions worship thousands of Gods including various forms of animals. It clearly shows how our ancestors understood the importance of coexisting & balancing with various beings. Today, However we have failed to protect these beings. All our great belief, circle around the so called modern religion and its rituals, which were never ment to be.

One such animal is the Sloth bear which has been horribly exploited and abused. These bears are poached for body parts, which are illegally exported. Further, bear cubs are poached from the wild for use in the dancing bear trade within India.

Its time for us to re-learn our rich culture, understand them & learn to coexist with various living beings. 

Wildlife SOS, is an organization who has sworn to protect these traumatized bears and provide them a natural habitat. If you love animals you can visit their centers to actually see how the bears are protected, away from their humans who use to exploit them.

Help animals. Support for good cause., Camera used - 70-200mm F2.8 G, Lens used - SLT-A99V 1

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  • Image name - Yakshagana, Image description - One of the technique in portraiture lighting is to avoid light in the front of the model. You deliberately use flash or available light from an angle by which you bring out a 3 dimensional effect.

The model is a Yakshagana performance artist representing

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  • Image name - Modes of Peral, Image description - Sulphur crested cockatoo, Camera used - 70-200mm F2.8 G, Lens used - SLT-A99V 1

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  • Image name - Maharaja, Image description - Maharaja, Camera used - SAL1650, Lens used - SLT-A77V 1
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