100mm F2.8 Macro

Common House Lizard

First photo walk

"You can’t take all pictures from your eye level”, same applies for me as well.
I took this shot from the ground level and visualise evening Hustle Bustle at the White Rann of kutch through the legs of the horse. The man tying turban & other tourists spread across frame are the main subjects. The ultra wide angle perspective & low point of view makes the composition unusual.
- Dheeraj Paul

Where play of light, patterns, shapes, lines & texture are more important than colour. The beauty of the Red Fort in a silhouette! - Dheeraj Paul

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Shot in Kashmir

A fine-art like composition, reminder of the ethereal dream world, peace & harmony. Reflection of the trees & sky gives it a three dimensional appeal & depth. - Dheeraj Paul

All Set To Fly.. 3..2..1... Flight Begins.

Old goes and new begins!

How beautiful the mornings looks when you lay down in front of rising sun and serene water drops on green grass roots!

Up Up Up you rise!


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