70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II

Early morning scene during a ride at Kanha National Park. The sun rays falling down from the canopy of tall Sal trees had captured my imagination. Wasn't carrying another lens to capture this moment on a wider angle. A valuable lesson learned to carry wider lens for such occasions.

Took this picture at Kanha on 2nd Dec 2014 during the photo workshop there by Dheeraj Paul.


Elephants are amazing subject . can take a lot of different clicks from Elephants . another lovely moment from Bandhipur forest

Beautiful White-Cheeked barbet

Beautiful Rose-ringed parakeet male

Rose-ringed parakeet female with food.

White-Cheeked Barbet with berries.

From Bandhipur Forest

Four Wheels moves the body but Two wheels moves the SOUL


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