DT 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 SAM

Capture from Sony Alfa58

Click from Alfa58

When a photographer clicks an awesome picture of a landscape, we feel the connect as we become a part of it. Every photographer should marvel and spread awareness about our Nature so that we are doing our part

We should be always working to preserver nature as they protect us from the horrible end. So it is a circle of what we do/sow so shall we reap

Nature was there and Nature will be. The only thing we can do is connect
Arrey colony and national park in our Mumbai is the only green place where we get free and pure air. A place inside the city but feels miles away

Shot on Alpa 77 Mii at Shutter speed of 1/30 sec at F-22, ISO 50

Done with full aperture f22 at evening time creating star type effect from sun

Somewhere in the middle of the night

This woman came from the nearby village in this small factory to create threads out of cotton. She was handling the CHAKHRA with such skills that even though I captured some movement in the Chakhra but her face was really still and calm

This photo was taken Mysore At the time of dasara 2018.


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