DT 35mm F1.8 SAM

This picture was taken in Varanasi.

Photo was taken in Varanasi...

This photo was taken in Varanasi

I was waiting at a small tea shop in Puri, when this li'l boy came upto his father and was "overseeing" his preparation of tea. He was so eager to pose for me that i shot this candid portrait.

It was sunset time and the orange circle was reflecting onto the sea beach. The camel ride slowly came towards me and I captured the moment with some adjustments to get the light rays between the feet of the camel.

Though its not a very clear and sharp image as i had to stop down the apertire to f/18 to get this motion blur and resulted in hand shaking.

The railway guard was almost standstill at this position while iIframed him with the moving train in the background/

A very common sight of rain drops accumulated in the spider web. Framed this during the monsoon in my 35 mm prime lens. A macro lens would have worked wonders here.

While capturing motion blur with trains, the station guard came into the open with two flags in his hand and stood just in my front. Needed to take 3-4 shots before getting him a bit steady.

I've seen a similar kind of photo by one of my friend and got inspired by it to frame this. It was a bit cloudy, almost 5 in the evening and after doing some motion blur ones finally captured this rail track leading the view into the city.


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