E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Bandra -Worli sea link


Shot this at juhu beach during pursuit of Portrait photo walk

Everything blossom with freshness by just watering flower.

Sometimes all you need is a little rain & a little sun,its a bit hard to achieve but sometimes things just work out.

One of the first things that we learn during photography is focus,sometimes things come a lot beautiful when they are not in focus.

One of the most beautiful things is to see a full bloom terrace farm,everything is so amazing and you get to see how people live in adversity & thrive

One of my fav times to shoot is the rain,everything is so fresh,the water droplets just make every color pop

It took me a while to understand how colors work in the sun but when the light hits the right spots everything pops up and makes it glow as if a thousands of leds are glowing behind the scene



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