FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS

Exposure-80 Aperture- 4 Iso -1600 White Balance- Auto

Light in Darkness

a night snap from araattupuzha festival

a traditional wedding shoot at vadakkunnathan temple

Life is nothing but a movie, filled with epic moments. And what better if it would be in black & white. Mugh-le-azam, or new age lovers, some things don't age. Like the magic of black & white imagery.

A group of tourists & visitors, stand by viewing the skyline of New York City, all the way from the top viewing point of the memorial One world trade centre building. What is ironical, is exactly how people would have stood across their windows of the twin tower on a busy work day, just as a plane would have most unexpectedly crashed in destroying lives & dreams of millions. This tower stands tall today exactly where the former twin towers & lives of many stood strong.

New experience With Sony Cemra For still Photography.Very Good Quality of Picture.

A tea seller serving hot tea for customer early in the morning at a highway.

While travelling to a famous tourist spot early in the morning, i came across an old man sitting near a bonfire at a snacks center.



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