FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS

A Herdsman smiles as he approaches the camera, with his cattle, and some grass to feed them, carried on his head. on the Streets of MAngalajodi Village, Odisha.

A lady, candidly smiles, hiding herself behind her House Column, on the streets of Manglajodi village, in Odisha.

This was taken In Bharatpur December 2017

A flock of Tiny Birds, Relaxing on these Bamboo Sticks, midst Chilika Lake, Odisha, India.

A Local Villager on his Cycle returning to his home after a day's shift.

A Purple Heron Takes off to fly to its next destination with its giant Wings. Chilika Lake, Odisha, India.

A Great Egret relaxes on a fallen tree at the Thol Lake in Gujarat, India.

A very well known architectural wonder site of Siddi Sayed Mosque in Ahmedabad, Guj. India; is known for its detailed and fine craftsmanship of the stone window Grills.

A beautiful Architectural Portrait of Adalaj Ni Vav, or Adalaj Stepwell, Gandhinagar, Guj. India. is an architectural Wonder. Made in 1498 by Rana Veer Singh. It was primarily to provide Water for Drinking, Washing, Bathing. The wells were also places for Colorful Festivities and Sacred Rituals.
The Pigeon, sitting on the Brick Window, makes the picture Filled with Life.
(Experimenting with Architecture). (copyright ©️Sandeep Mistry)

The Image narrates itself. A Small child is seen Helping his mother, with a glass filled with water to be used for cooking. at Mangalajodi Village, Odisha, India


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