It shows the life of Puskar,Rajasthan during the Pushkar camel fair.

The picture portrays the life of the street seller.

It looks like that the tractor has a personified character who has been left alone with no one to take care for.

I clicked this picture in a busy market where this beggar was rolling between the busy hours of the market so that he could get some money.

I shot this picture in Pushkar, Rajasthan
In this picture it seems like the camel is giving a kiss to the master for taking care of him.

I clicked this picture on 31/12/2018 in the outskirts of Nagpur,Maharashtra
I asked him where was he going and why isn't he wearing his shoes while walking, he replied that it's the only footwear I have right now and I don't want it to be tore even more as I have many more miles to walk and I cant afford to buy new ones.

A faceless worker building houses.

I was recently at a tattoo convention and that is one of the few places where the physical appearance of the individual doesn't matter and the physical is just a vehicle for the art created by ink. So this is a portrait of Ganesha with a faceless carrier.

Ho Chi Minh is one of the busiest cities in Asia and at one of the busy traffic signals, this gentleman sits every evening and interacts with the traffic. The details of the interaction I couldn't find out but it definitely makes for one interesting traffic stopper!

Ho Chi Minh is one of the busiest cities in Asia and at one of the busiest junctions in the city, this person was sitting right where the traffic light was and was interacting with the traffic. It definitely looks like he is a regular there.


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