Romantic mood of monsoon

Try this with continuous shot

Few things can't express. Fortunately, his eyes say it all. ( Shot on SonyAlpha) #friendwedding
Most of my feed always filled with the bride portraits, what I feel even groom also has an equal opportunity.

Egret catching a fish



Fashion & Glamour

High Contrast Image

I was satisfied after capturing lotus. But I have seen a shot on Instagram long back, where the bird is on the lotus. I wanted to click a picture the same way, as it inspired me so much. So, I waited for another 30min, that is when a Heron came to the pond, but not so close to the lotus (this is why I love photography. The way nature supports me is really a big thing to me)
But my battery was almost dead. Luckily after waiting for some minutes, the Heron came near to the lotus. (shot on Sony Alpha) .


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