It's my first wedding shoot. Most of the time I see only bride photos everywhere for me both are very important. Just see the bride groom eyes it says how much he loves her.( Shot on @sonyalphain ). Unlike normal shoot, weddings are live we have to be ready always when right moment happens and we can't predict too. when we try to capture best things lot of disturbance would be there. Seriously hardworking job but much satisfaction too.

The Dawn - Humanyun's tomb

With dreams in her eyes..

Blooming hopes..

As she looks ahead,with dreamy glittering eyes!

When there is love in the air :)


Just as a sculptor would painstakingly craft his work of passion,just as a poet would trickle in choicest gems into his poetry,a photographer yearns to reveal his masterpiece to the world :)

Qutub Minar

I saw a boy playing tumbi sitting at sand dunes in the evening and i got this pic during my trip to Pushkar.


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