I had to click the colors during the blue hour on this beach where for a moment everything went purple

In India, having tea is like a major part of the day and if that tea is Butter tea and you are having that tea in the Hemis festival then that becomes a memory

Butter tea is a Leh-Ladakh monastery delicacy which was being prepared by Monks on the occasion of Hemis festival

This guy was hired for a wedding preparing the masala doodh. This guy did so many tricks with the liquid and i wasnt able to capture

When preparing food for a BIG joint family it is more like a restaurant. This army of women and children were preparing dinner for the worker men coming home famished

Good chef always needs fresh ingredients A farm of fresh strawberries, for chef it cannot get better than this

During my Kutch Visit we went into a village where the nomadic cow herders were staying. All women in the mornings made MAWA from burning milk. This girl was helping her mom with her chores. She was her mom's student in learning their traits.
I bought mawa from the same village and it was pure and amazing. just like heaven

Jalebi Preparation - frying in oil

Jalebi Preparation - frying in oil


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