Water is the most fantastic liquid in the world. Its fascinating to see the shapes it takes while thrown into the air.

Water is the most fantastic liquid in the world. It dances in rivers, takes freefalls from the skies, gives life etc.
Its funny to see the shapes it take while thrown into the air.

A dog lays down near a parked car in despair, hoping for his owner to pick him up and having no idea that he was Abandoned. Even after conquering limitless heights we should not sacrifice the love of our beloved ones.

Not boasting, my daughter went to junior state-level skating competition. Looking at the participation, focus and determination I was thrilled. This click was one of the participants who won bronze but her expressions got all the right ingredients of a future champ.

During my Kutch Visit we went into a village where the nomadic cow herders were staying. All women in the mornings made MAWA from burning milk. This girl was helping her mom with her chores. She was her mom's student in learning their traits

Dried fern leaves gave amazing contrast design with amazing buttery background

It was so difficult to get this pic and get just the center stigma of the flower in focus with such a large aperture





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