During my Kutch Visit we went into a village where the nomadic cow herders were staying. All women in the mornings made MAWA from burning milk. This girl was helping her mom with her chores. She was her mom's student in learning their traits

Dried fern leaves gave amazing contrast design with amazing buttery background

It was so difficult to get this pic and get just the center stigma of the flower in focus with such a large aperture




Kids watching their team perform on stage.

During a wedding photography assignment, I got a chance capture this beautiful sunset and dramatic color of sky at Kamdara,Gumla District, Jharkhand ,India

During a travel trip, I Capture this beautiful image of Saranda region in 'kiriburu', Jharkhand,India.
Saranda is a dense forest in the hilly region of West Singhbhum district of JHarkahnd, state, INDIA.

When we travel we always come across bridges, we feel a bit insecure or a bit afraid. This is genuine because we are transitioning from one place to another


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