Complete reflection from travel

For some travelling is like Meditation and soul searching. The more you look into this the more you will get rich

This weird foreground was kept just to lure tourists to click a memorable pic for 50 Rs. you get to see these awesome things and experience when you travel

When we travel alone it is the best

Travel makes you reflect on what you actually need in you life

This one was i got to click on a blink without thinking. The next minute the whole scene changed into bland landscape without any modd. I suppose this is what happens when you travel, change is the only constant thing happening and very fast

While passing this beautiful valey in the morning saw this cloud formation and a incomplete construction from the car. This picture was taken from the moving car and it remain one of my best pics so far. You dont know what are you going to get while you are travelling

The beauty of water pump house in a lake. situated at Kashida Dam,near Chaibasa,Jharkhand,India

Travelling alone makes you reflect, recollect and realign oneself. It makes you see things which you miss everyday. It also opens up your mind to taken up new thoughts

Leh-Ladakh is in everyones to do list. No surprises there. Everywhere you look it is a desktop wallpaper like scene


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