Kulasekarapatnam Kali temple

the hidden lives of women from a hostile land.

Pied Bushchat - juvenile

The Indian eagle-owl is a large horned owl found only in Indian Subcontinent. Can be sighted mostly around hill and rocky scrub forests. They primarily survive on rodents and birds with a surprise list of birds hunted by this owl which includes - spotted owlets, doves, Indian roller, and even a shikra.

The habitat, figs and the art of swallowing the fig.

Ajit Hota
1 hr ·
Flash of blue and rufous. A very common bird and many clicks of this bird around; but you will never forget this pic which portrays the real beauty of this bird.

The pale-billed flowerpecker or Tickell's flowerpecker with berry. Probably one of the smallest bird around, just 8cm long yet swallows the berry whole :). You can find them near your house and parks as well. They usually swallow the berries whole.

The feeling of having plenty of food everywhere your eye can see; and specially, when the food looks more yummy with the morning light. And the most important in human terms - no garbage to deal with, or no carbon to destroy the environment or any plastic litter generated.

Odissi performance by a talented disciple of Padmashree Guru Ranjana Gauhar

Mesmerising Kathak performance by the graceful Uma Dogra and troupe


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