Image from Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh. While dancing at the temple, snow falls.It was an unforgettable experience


Om- The sacred syllable
Mani- Jewel
Padme – Lotus
Hum – Spirit of enlightenment
This mantra is a combination of values like compassion, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation and wisdom. It is said that if you recite the mantra during meditation, it can cure pride, jealousy, ignorance, greed and aggression...

Beautiful valleys, mesmerizing landscapes, swirling rivers, exotic mountains, lush greenery and a peaceful environment- the majestic divinity of Sikkim is beyond imagination...

~The astonishing lake has magnificent Emerald Blue mix in its shading and is encompassed by snow-topped mountains and a glacier will leave you speechless~

~Sometimes in the Wind of Change we find Our Direction~

Prayer wheels spreading spiritual blessings and well being


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