As soon as it becomes a perfect Morning, The sun goes above clouds and makes its own shadows beneath.

its crazy how the colours change to such blue that you can't even figure out weather you are flying on the ocean or the clouds. sometimes it looks like iceberg and sometimes it looks like Ocean.

I thin its all connected. all the layers.

Land-Ocean-Sky !

I could not find weather I am flying above clouds or these are the icebergs ?
was not about to solve this mystery & suddenly some sun rays strikes on the Creation. I am watching the Lights Passing through and hence derived !

It was Crashing the Clouds. Not the Iceberg :P

I want to imagine a person saying Hi to me from outside the window ;)
Would you Freak out if someone does so ?

Because the view is literally capable of making someone think if they can fly away and can see how their aircraft looks like.

I didn't sleep that night for an Early morning flight to take. Travelling in a flight, Holding your camera in Hand doesn't make you sleep.

as soon as I saw twilight I was like wow !
then I saw Sunrise, I was like damn this is once in a while.

and Then......... I saw some mattresses of Cotton typed Clouds with Sun rayed Bedsheets on it; and I didn't feel like sleeping on it. You know sometimes you just want to lay down in your bed and do nothing. Just Enjoying the peaceful stuff and feel about life.

Choosing the Sunrise Flight to travel was the best decision I made that day ! Oh god, it was Nostalgic.

Amongst all the flights we take to travel the world from one place to another, Believe me, The Sunrise flight and sunset flights are the best being a Photographer and an Artist.

You get to see the Twilight-Sunrise-After sunrise Or Evening-Sunset & Dusk.
all the colours within that hour ! Which is quiet impactful for the positive vibes weather you're travelling for work or travelling for leisure, surely you get the vibes of Eternal peace.

Every summer has its own story

Night view of full moon with the cluster of clouds surrounding it.

Photogenic kids out in Summers with cameras and clicking the moments around..

My son Dominic riding camera at Botanix Resort New Delhi


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