He bought flowers for her as this would be the first time she would be coming to his place . He made Pizza because she loves pizza and he watched tutorials on YouTube for an entire week to master the art. It was almost lunch time when he heard a bell but it was the courier guy who delivered the phone which he planned to gift her on her birthday next week. He felt a sense of achievement at the thought of all his plans falling into place. Time flew by and he started to feel a little anxious and he checked his phone to see if she has called him to inform him of any delay.

Vik said he is an amazing cook and what more you can ask if you know that your boyfriend can cook well . So I asked him to make a pizza for me at dinner tonight and I actually felt pampered........ I rang his doorbell and he opened the door wearing an apron over his t-shirt. Men who can cook is always an added layer of hotness He greeted me with a kiss and I went in to see a beautiful pizza lying on the kitchen slab which is messy and that is justified as I know that making a pizza is a cumbersome process. I felt so proud and couldn't wait to taste it.

Snapped at MP India

Snapped at MP India

Rural life MP India

Snapped at Rural MP India

Surat special nankhatai

Rain and Bhutta is a combination that everyone really enjoys. People of delhi welcome rains this week, give the reason for us to have bhutta.

A routine morning

For any kid, birthday is cake and party.


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