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More you indulge in admiration of architectural beauty at Hampi, more you get lost in time in its beauty.. .



My hunger at noon almost replenished after a unique angle of Virupaksha temple gopuram caught my eye from the streets near Mango Tree restaurant. I captured this moment, then rushed back into the restaurant to have a delicious meal after my starving half day of immense photography session around monuments of Hampi...

Virupaksha Temple at Hampi is the most visited & main center of pilgrimage at Hampi. Every tourists and travel enthusiasts visiting Hampi will always pay a visit to this place. The construction of this temple dates back before 10th century as per the old inscriptions...

More you admire... more beautiful it gets!
Hampi always surprises me with new angles of composition in photography... A gopura inside the krishna temple when viewed from outside the temple premises, shows me an all new perspective!

The Talarigatta Gate at meaning a toll gate was one of the important entrances to Hampi during Vijayanagar kingdom era. This place falls on route while we go to visit the Vijaya Vittala temple of Hampi. Well, this proves, collection of tolls in trade routes have a very distant history...

On the banks of Tungabhadra, one always desires to take a boat and ride through the frothy waters between the boulders which houses ancient architectural wonders of Vijayanagar kingdom. Feels relaxing to mind and soul to set afloat in the river which has a very grand history!


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