Earth will sustain life only when it is green. This picture highlights it. I captured this macro shot of droplets of water on green twigs in my garden. I used 12mm extension tubes with my 16-50mm kit lens with f5.6 exposure 1/25 and ISO 320

Amazing as it looks when the colors of the sky blends with the lights around you

Stargazing in the night sky at the park has an amazing feeling....

A decorative idea with a bottle of glass.

Bus In Nature

Forts were a primary defence mechanism in Maharashtra against enemy invasions since the ancient times and we called it as killa. They were naturally and artificially protected humans and areas, guarded by elements like the hills, the forests, the sea, and the man made stone structures that formed a armour around fort and structure look like Eagles Neck from pinnacle

View from our cottage in Rinchenpong, West Sikkim.

Mist passing below the valley in month of Autumn. This season is perfect to photograph in valleys.

My daughter goes to play in this DDA managed park plus open gym just behind our society. These little blurbs on the benches give very good messages to one and all.

Bus In Nature


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