The Taj Mahal & a Bird

The Taj Mahal in B&W

a tiny insect drinking honey from mango buds.

Surya Namashkaar being performed by a foreign Couple.

This photo isn't taken in some remote location. In fact, its taken almost 30 kilometers away from Pune city. Rapid modernization in form of construction development has been seen in this area in the past decade. We can see high rise buildings not more than 15 kilometers away from this spot, and maybe in next 30 years, we can click similar photos with buildings popping up from the fog (as that tower, right now)

This image was taken at Cooch Behar,India.

This image was taken at Cooch Behar,India.

Most beautiful evening of Makarsankranti-The festival of India

fun time for the boys at the local rivers

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