My first attempt at astrophotography.
While the conditions were not apt for astrophotography and I know only a little editing the pic is still awesome to me. The serene blue waters of Maldives and a night under the full moon and stars is something I will never forget. this truly was a tour of a lifetime for me.

a portrait clicked during the monsoon scene at the background

Droplets been captured on the windscreen on my car during Nashik monsoons

A Panorama of a early morning plot where entire Nashik is been seen through the historical location, Pandavleni caves

A candid photograph of the scenery of sunrise at this historical location in Nashik

The joy of reaching a bucket list Destination.

In the heart of India lies the iconic single rock temple of Lord Shiva at Ellora.

a happy traveller.

father and the son spend their leisure at the park to the son's amusement

people on the move...busy in their a hurry to reach their destination


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