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Beach View

This image was taken from Lava,West Bengal,India.

This image was taken at Lava,West Bengal,India.

"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it." A sunshine always bring LIFE to a new day... a Hope.

In this particular image.. a fallen tree depict the death & sunrise behind shows the new life. This is life-cycle.

Life comes from the EARTH and life returns to the EARTH.

Open your eyes for a better LIFE. After a dark night there is always a SUNRISE.

This image was taken at Cooch behar,West Bengal,India.

This image was taken at coochbehar,westbengal,india.


I tried to click the perfect water drop while also capturing the beautiful tiny flowers which are not much larger than the drop itself. Camera: Sony A7, Lens: 90mm Macro f2.8


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