Tradition meets modernity, happily coexisting.

The largest and most famous of London's many churches - and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cathedral's in the world - St Paul's Cathedral sits atop the site of a Roman temple.

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two mile stretch Dubai shoreline. The whole Marina is crammed deluxe hotels, tall luxury residences, fancy restaurants, beach promenades and shopping malls.

Annakut is a ritual where boiled-rice are tossed to the gatherings who, within a hysterical ambiance, try to collect a grain or two of the same as a pious gift from god with the century-old popular belief that it will provide them with lifelong food security.

the dare-devil stunts by the players to eke out livelihood

the multi-layer moment of seen & unseen

prayer for the departed soul of a nearer one

in a cold winter-morning jaggery is being derived from date-palm extract

the unique perspective in front of a movie-poster

the prayer to the holy-post before tying the pious-cow


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