My dear friend Kavya loves to be shot . We were at our friends wedding . She wanted to pose but was unable to do as people were around . There was this narrow alley with barely minimum colourful lights. She just stood there , and said cheers to these colours .

This was shot during sunset , with bare minimal light coming from the window. My pet cat Jinx , seemed mesmerising as the colours looked perfect for a photograph .

Street Lights + Traffic lights = Perfection

Took this photograph with my Sony A7III while roaming on the streets of Vietnam in the evening. Really loved the vibe of the place calm and vibrant at the same time.

Colors of light

Milky way+ after sunset+light trail= Dream shot

Milky way+ after sunset+light trail= Dream shot

“Love for Low light”

A very unique picture from a unique angle of a street in one of the prettiest cities in the world.

A unique view of Prague Castle at Sunset from the Old Town Tower.


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