Its a shot taken from a pooram.In this process the people above the elephant moves the "venchamaram" along with the rhythm of "chenda"

“Poorapparambu” _where heritage meets devotion. Its the area where Festival programs are arranged and doing. Its a shot taken while the pooram is going on.

Its a shot taken while the kathakali artist is doing the face painting for the show. Its a long process of prepration for the show. The colours used are natural.

A vast majority of tribes in Kerala State hail from the Paniya tribal sect.The Paniyan means 'worker' as they were supposed to have been the workers of non-tribes. Gone are the days when Paniya settlement had a headman called 'kuttan' appointed by the land lord. Next in rank to Kuttan was the 'Mudali'or head of the family. Both 'Kuttan' and 'Mudali' are called 'Mooppanmar'

Its a behind scene of Kathakali, where the Kathakali artist is preparing for the show. Of all classical Indian dances, Kathakali has the most elaborate costuming consisting of head dresses, face masks and vividly painted faces.It typically takes several evening hours to prepare a Kathakali troupe to get ready for a play.

Chuttuvilakku - spreading light to a thousand traditions.

Pooram is an annual festival, which is celebrated in temples dedicated to goddesses . This is a shot from my nearby temple during the festival season. This group of music is known as "Panchavadyam".

I shot this photo during a festive season in a temple at Kerala, India. The picture shows the prepration for the art form called KADHAKALI. The click was a perfect candid. I use Zeiss Batis 18/1.8, to capture the whole ambiance of the room. Due to low light and for a vintage ambiance i choose monochrome for shoot.

This is a photo taken while a trip to Mankulam, Munnar. It was shot on sony a7sii. This was an early morning shot where the sunlights wall on the misty grass through the huge trees.

It's good to see that government took measures to stop the water pollution caused by submersion. and they arranged a crane to dip and take out the rest of material out of Ganga river!!


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