Festivities in wedding

Curious Bride looking to her Groom as he is talking about her.


Bride random pose

The entrance to this temple was the best thing i saw at my native, kerala. 1000 diyas were lit by the villagers during magaravillaku season of sabarimala at this temple in my native.

This warehouse was abandoned and my friend had to pose and the geometry created by the sunlight just fascinated me.

i was shooting the beautiful diyas during a festival at my native and this guy comes infront curious about what i was doing and it made way for this wide angle portrait.


Rare is the man who knows himself as the undivided Lord of the world, and he who knows this is not afraid of anything.

How long will she thus stand unveiled before me, Shrinking and shy in maidenly distress,
How long, my dazzled eyes, can ye contemplate
Her blinding loveliness!


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