Reflection in water

Eyes make all the difference

Best played when you are in the nature

Tennis ball - no need of personal protective equipments

April Theme

Candid wedding moments

On my recent visit to Punjab, I was out on the streets of a small town named Anandpur Sahib. One side of the town is filled with Gurudwaras and houses that are filled with people and the other that leads to the river Sutlej. Living in a concrete jungle like Mumbai, this almost comes like a fascination. Lush green fields that lead to the mountain with a wall of trees that lie ahead and the dramatic clouds behind and a shadow of the small house that guards the fields, making it just a perfect view to capture.

What fields and farmer waiting for the harvest

As colourful as these flowers, the farm workers are going home after a day long work.

A farm in Punjab where everything is organic and these flower trees are to cultivate seeds


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