My friend was photographing something and I caught him with frame created by wall.

Himachal Pradesh is a state of north India famous for it's landscapes which has become one of the most famous tourist destination. This Image was taken at "Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary" and what makes this image special is the depth created by Snow, land, Mountains and Sky.

After the exhausting trek from Dalhousie to Kalatop, the very next day we have to trek to the Dainkund but in early morning golden touch of sun rays on trees felt very refreshing.

Sun breaks through a gloomy day

Shadows give way to light amidst the ruins

Boat ride in paradise

Darkness gives way to light

Explore different things with a different angle and perspective and you will have no words to describe its beauty.

In streets of our cities some people are found having no job or any work to do. They just do any unusual activities on the streets like this man. He is sitting on the cart and making different facial expressions.

Ambika River starts its journey from Dang district which is known for its dense forest areas and it comes in Western Ghats. So it is the only place in south gujarat where beautiful landscapes can be found. In monsoon season it becomes just like heaven for nature lovers with lush green forests and river full of water.


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