Cuteness can not be hidden, It comes out naturally.

A boy was sitting beneath stairs and looking up at me as I was having a camera and I captured that moment.

At the time of sunset the pleasant river water acts like a mirror which gives reflection of real world in river water.

Flow through the river surrounded by dark lands it will take to the destination where sun meets ocean.

SMC(Surat Municipal Corporation) has started water adventure activities in Tapi River. In the early morning the boats are floating lonely on the pleasant water of river Tapi.

A man in this picture was doing his job and when I went near him to take a picture he suddenly sit in this position as if were thinking "Why my Photo?"

Dragonflies are the most common subject for a beginner photographer to start.

During heavy raining farmer is doing his job and his family is watching him from their home.

in vegetables market some sellers make this type of arrangements that will grab everyone's attention.

In vacation time if children are made to go with their parents at place like market they will obviously get bored.


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