Inspiration Everywhere

In every winter season these birds come to visit our city by travelling thousands of kilometers and it is the great experience to see them enjoying and spending their time with people of our city..

This is boat is made specially for couple who can enjoy their dinner at night and at that time this boat looks very beautiful and romantic but now in morning it is floating alone in the river..

In every winter season seagulls come here in thousands of numbers from another continent travelling thousands of miles..It has been great experience of meeting them every year and giving them some food..This seagull is walking on the border of wall after eating the food..

Light coming from outside of the room and creating this beauty on wall..No editing is done..only natural photo..!

Yellow color of this flower stands out in the green background.

First visit of garden after buying my camera and I have captured this photo there. One tree is surrounded by these beautiful yellow flowers. Natures colors.!

Sometimes nature shows it's beautiful colors and specially at the time of sunset we can find that easily.

Sparrow came near to me and sit on this rod and suddenly flew away. But it was caught in act..

Reflection by river water in village..


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