Butterfly in monsoon

when a sunbird get a source of water in the Thar.

This picture shows us the importance of the sea. For the human and also for birds.

Kinner Kailash where beauty meets the god..!

Somewhere on the horizon, clouds and the earth meet as one.

You will never see this cloud ever again, yet you will always see clouds in the sky. Such is their nature. Changing yet constant.

For all those who see the sky as flat.

When we started our journey to Kalpa from Naldehra , climate was already cool and sunny. After sometime we got one more company and that was Sutlej river till the Reckong Peo. River and Himalaya showed us different views at each and every turns. Sometimes lush green hill with clear water, sometimes solid rocks with milky water and flowers on some trees adding extra excitement.
We were stopping like every 5 - 10 minutes to capture this nature's beauty and more than that to feel the nature, breath fresh air! My mind had already started to connect my inner peace.

A couple enjoying with their twins at garden.

Kapatiya Kunj- a 300 years old structure. One of the finest and good condition structure at bank of Yamuna. Now 13th generation of their family nicely taking care and still living there.


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