This was taken for a Boutique Shop !

Fruits for healthy life

an early morning we went for mamallapuram for this exclusive shot.

This cycle have no tires and its punctured !

This night i will never forget !

Kovalam Beach, Chennai

It was taken when she arrived to job.

It was taken in Yercaud, Salem

I am a lonely boat, floating in the sea of solitude, the sea is vast,yet my hope is like infant, crying in the deep of night, desiring the dream island where i could find my true friends and enjoy the delight of mutual encouragement.Hope i could find other little boats that dream about the same island as i dream, and start the journey of this seeking.i am waiting for you...

Though this is not shot at sea, but I am referring with the thought of loneliness, this one is the black & White version of my previous post of Loneliness in colors...

With background defocus effect.


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